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United States
Spring! ATV Incentive Event by Heirzrponxui

Hello! Please, Call me Heizr. I will randomly call you dear unless you tell me not to, especially if you are in a rough spot. I mainly draw in a more toony style, and I am currently writing a book :… Wanna help out with characters? Then check that link! (I like to advertise a lot)

Lol well I am older than 10 and younger than 15, I am female, in the US, Currently single. I'm straight as a pole. Anyway, I am a piece of furry trash, so if you dislike furries best leave.

I alternate my profile picture between art of Rhos And My Sona. All Rhos art can be seen here:…

A single stamp to express the meaning of my life~


Huge KAW Sketch Dump
This is drawings from a long time ago, up to now. Just little doodles I've done during school! I think you can tell who I like to draw the most CX This gives a little snippet towards what would happen if Finchsky was fully broken back whe, in KingsAndWarriors, she was breaking. 

All but one character are mine
Grey - Jaymoon (Not in this group)
Red - Crowstar (Dead, and the only one that's not mine)
Orange - Turtlestep
Yellow - Doepaw
Green - Finchsky
Lightest Blue - Alka
Bright Blue - Swiftstrike
Dark Blue - Pikestream 
Purple - Patch

Pebbles ~ 
Full bodies > 4 Finch + 1 Doe = 6
Half bodies > 1 Finch = 1
Headshots > 7 Doe + 1 Alka + 3 Turtle + 2 Swift + 2 Patch + 4 Pike + 16 Finch = 28
Dont Count > 1 Jay Headshot + 1 Crow Headshot = 2
All Sketches, so 
6 x 5 = 30
1 x 3 = 3
28 x 2 = 56
30 + 3 + 56 = 89 Pebbles
Alka KAW Farmcat Application
For KingsAndWarriors

-Update Log-

- 4/25/17 ~ Updated her relationships, and she is official!

-General Information-

Name: Alka
Songbird, Singer, Birdie, Alks, Ala
Kitten (Less than 1 moon)
Preferred Pronouns: 
She, Her
N/A (Farm)
Cotton and Fabrics, on top of natural kit scent and milk


Alka is the spitting image of her father, Florence!

She is chubby and soft, with big paws and thick bones. Her pelt is fluffed and curly in patches, and long enough to keep her warm in winter. With an off-white cream base and soft caramel colored points, everything about her appearance is sweet and gentle. Her eyes are light blue, and her nose, inner ears, and paw pads are a soft pink. 

Scars or conditions: 


Very energetic and hard working, this girl always wants to be doing something, though she can sit still if she needs to. She is usually very happy, and doesn't tend to get sad. Quiet bossy, she is easily irritated and has a strong tongue once she is ticked off. Quite prideful, she takes no shame in stating her opinion and trying to get her way by any means, though she doesn't like to get her own precious paws dirty. Still, she hates fights and doesn't want anyone to be fighting, even if they are her own personal enemy. Holds herself high, and is very rigid about rules and sticking to them. Not very mischievous, she follows orders and expects her own to be followed as well. She's quite sensitive, though she never shows it, and hates to be yelled at or scolded. Alka loves to sing despite her stiff nature, and is almost always mewing or humming some kind of toon. Though she wants others to trust her, she tends to be a gossip and has a way of bargaining pieces of information, which she loves to do. She is very protective of those close to her.


Looking for:
 No One!

Unknown/ N/A


- Esme ~ "Mum!" Alka's mother is the best cat in the whole wide world. Her big sweet farm momma!
- Florence ~ "Who?" Alka's biological dad never existed for her. She has no idea of who he was, or when or how he died. He literately doesn't exist.
- Crowstar ~ "Who?" Alka's other 'dad' never existed for her either. He isnt truly related to her, but is the father of some of her siblings. She has no idea of who he was, or when or how he died. He literately doesn't exist.
- Pansy ~ "Sis, Pamsy!" Alka'a half sister is really important to her. She already feels a strong urge to protect the shy cat.
- Flax ~ "Who?" She hasn't met her brother yet
- Starling ~ "Who?" She hasn't met her sister yet
- Nickel ~ "Nilel!" She likes the kind tom, and thinks his story about how he got his scar is really cool, though a bit frightening. 
- Patch ~ "Path!" Though his face scares her, she doesn't realize he's blind and thinks he has a good heart. His scars feel cool to her. 
- Lilly ~ "Who?" Alka doesn't yet know Lilly by name.

-Biological Family/Family Tree-

N/A No full Siblings
 N/A No full Siblings
Pansy, Starling

Esme, mother, had first met Crowstar at the border of the clan territories. They had hit it off quite wel, growing close and seeing each other at the border on their own terms, away from he prying eyes of other cats. As Crowstar aged, they grew further and furtherer apart, and one day a new farmcat came. He went by the name of Florence, and though he was dreadful he and Esme could be seen together as he took more control over her each day. Crowstar saw this, and he and Esme saw each other even less.

It was unknown that Esme was to be having kits at the time of the fight, but Florence's life was ended short. He got into an argument with a small patrol of Meadowclan cats, their deputy Batwhisper and a warrior named Quailfoot. Struck in the stomach with a lethal blow by Quailfoot, he cursed them to his last breathe, bleeding out. Other clan cats came, and tried to help, but it was no use. The farm dog, Scarlet, brought his body back to the others. 

Crowstar, quite ill by the time he was on his last life, faded away without knowing he was to be a father. All of this is unknown to young Alka.

-Roleplay Sample-

Alka shuffled around the nest, yawning. She couldn't see, she couldn't hear, for her eyes and ears were sealed as such a young cat. She could, however, smell. Light pink nose twitching, she breathed in the sweet, warm smells of hay, milk, and other cats. Her siblings, though she didn't know them as that at the time, and mother, milk giver, were strongest, but there were others too. 


Central USA???  (NY)
Skype username: 
Your pronouns: 
She, Her
Hey guys! I'm gonna be working on a really big project for the next few months- or longer! I'm keeping it a surprise, but I'll show progess every now any then!

If I owe you art of any kind, please let me know! If I don't owe anyone anything, I'll probably be working on this project full time c: Wish me luck! ^^
Dancing lights
Wanted to practiced light and stuffs, and needed a fairly simple character for it! I also wanted to make a lil present for a friendo c: Sorry the lines and stuff are scratchy, this was, as I said, practice! Another few like this might come up!

Also if I owe you anything and you see this please yell at me

Art Credit to Heirzrponxui 
Character (Lightning) Credit to Neonstar4 
High ranks are open in KingsAndWarriors! Rootclan deputy and a Rootclan medicine cat apprentice, go go go! I love this group with all my heart, it's an amazing group, if you like roleplaying at all you should definitely join! :iconkingsandwarriors:


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